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Having just kissed Nina, Jade announced "I think she wants your cock". Joel was more than happy to oblige. Whilst Nina kissed Joel he lay down relaxed and ready and Jade put a condom on him. Nina climbed astride him and gently started fucking. Meanwhile at the other end, Jade sat over Joel's face.

Death by two blondes! Nina wriggled around on top of Joel for a while and you could just tell her pussy must feel so good. At the same time the saucy ladies were fondling and kissing each other making a delightful triangle (I'll be honest, I was struggling to hold the camera steady!). After a while Nina said "Now I want you to fuck me from behind". Jade stayed where she was but lay back comfortably on the bed, Nina knelt on all fours and went down on Jade whilst wantonly presenting her ripe little behind towards our man. Joel fingered Nina's pussy again and smeared the juices on his cock, then smoothly entered her from behind to complete the daisy-chain.

Everybody displayed was over 18 when photographed or filmed. US 2257 Information is found HERE