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Escort Sam Wilde of Essex & Stoke UK
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Date: Saturday 28 July 2007
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Incall at recently refurbished house in Stoke.
Price: £200
Description: Slim, attractive blue-eyed blonde with fantastic body & great personality.


In Stoke to visit friends, Joel decided to arrange a more up-market experience rather than visit one of the many massage parlours in town. A new agency has just started up offering escorts throughout the midlands, available for both in and outcall. The Stoke incall place has been recently refurbished with en-suite bathrooms, and a bar downstairs. It’s a nice environment and makes for a very comfortable and relaxing experience.

Joel was shown into a large room with sofa, bed and ensuite bathroom. They sat on the sofa together, Joel took care of the money and they had a short chat. Sam offers the GFE (French kissing, OWO) and also A-levels, which is one of the reasons Joel had selected her. She also likes role-play and pole dancing. Sam offered Joel a shower and then he lay on the bed and received a massage. As she worked on his back Sam said massaging a guy turned her on as well. Joel turned over and it wasn‘t long before he started stroking Sam’s legs. Sensing he was ready for some action she asked if she should take her top off. “That would be nice,” replied Joel and she removed her negligee to reveal a small pair of tits with fantastic nipples. Joel dived in touching and feeling her boobs. As he licked and sucked Sam‘s nipples she asked if he would like to put some baby oil on them. “Umm my turn to massage you” said Joel as he did what she requested. This certainly worked in his favour as Sam declared she was getting very turned on and asked if she could suck his cock. “You definitely can,” replied Joel. Sam gave Joel a fantastic session of OWO, during which he nearly shot his load on more than one occasion. Her deep throat technique certainly caught Joel by surprise and you could tell he was in heaven.

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Bournemouth Escort Holly
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Date: Tuesday 13 January, 2004
Time Spent: 2 Hour.
Place: Incall.
Price: £400
Description: A fun-loving 28-year old 5″7′ tall with shoulder-length blonde hair and amazing blue eyes.


Enter! That’s how my secretary role-play scenario with Miss Johnson (aka Holly) started off, as she entered my office (aka her living room). She sat down and some ad-libbing banter went back and forth between us. I asked her how she felt her first few weeks of working for me I had gone. “Great” she said listing all the things she had done. I told her that although she’d done all her work well I would still have to fire her as she had not taken care of all my needs. This naturally led into her offering to give me a blow-job and our sex session started in earnest.

Holly’s oral technique is magnificent, not only does she enthusiastically gobble your cock, but she takes “time out” to lick up and down your shaft and balls. As she sucked away I started to pay attention to her tits. Soon I had her slowly unbuttoning her demure secretarial blouse to reveal a lovely pair of tits contained within a cream bra. Then I told her to get up and lean over so I could examine the rest of her more closely. This allowed me to stroke up and down her legs and feel her bum. I discovered she had sheer shiny tights on and a little white g-string, as I pushed up her skirt to get my hands on her arse.

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Exeter Escort Traci G
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Date: Wednesday 11 February, 2004
Time Spent: 2 Hours.
Place: Outcall to my hotel.
Price: £250
Description: Slim 19-year old 5″3′ tall with long blonde hair and small tits.


I had really been looking forward to my booking with Traci. It’s not often I get anywhere near teenage girls these days, let alone get to fuck one! However, when she arrived at my hotel, I realised this punt was not going to be so easy. Traci is ever so quietly spoken and not very forthcoming with chat – perhaps all teenagers are shy these days? We started off by kissing and stroking on the bed, although Traci is so passive I ended up doing all the touching. As I kissed her mouth I took the opportunity to gently caress her small tits. They felt nice and pert and it was not long before I got her to take her top off to reveal a perky little pair crowned with perfectly formed nips. I asked her how she liked her nipples sucked firmly or softly and she just replied “in between”. Anyway, I enjoyed myself fondling, kissing, licking, and suckling them.

Next I lifted up her short skirt to reveal a red net see-through G-string and a surprisingly large bush of hair. Apparently Traci sometimes goes ‘au naturel’ and at other times she is shaved. I soon had her skirt and thong off and was gently playing with her furry minge. After a while I suggested Traci give me a massage. She readily obliged and helped me out of my clothes. I was hoping this would lead her to take the initiative for more intimate things, but Traci seemed content in giving me a long and thorough body massage. Even after she turned me front up, it took her ages to touch my cock. When she eventually did start playing with it I was rather shocked at her poor technique.

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Birmingham Escort Kym
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Date: Thursday 8 January, 2004
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Incall.
Price: £150
Description: Curvaceous, bodacious black girl with big boobs, large brown eyes and a pretty face.


My first ever punt with an ebony lady, Kym greeted me at the door with a big smile, wearing a long coat and some kinky white boots with stiletto heels and ankle-warmers (very retro!). She led me into her living room and took her coat off to reveal a cute little stretchy lingerie number underneath with her massive knockers straining to get out. We sat down on her sofa to have a chat first, Kym saying she usually took her clients up to the bedroom later. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those tits so I was soon getting her to show me them. I could not believe just how much they weighed! Her areolae were very large too and I just had to lick them and suck her nipples.

I quickly shed my clothes and then started to examine Kym’s thong. When I slid my hand inside she was already moist and warm. I got her to remove it and then played with her pussy and went down on her. She was shaved and tasted good and she was soon moaning as a result of my attention. Then Kym gave me a nice blow-job; her technique was very good and she soon had me dying to fuck her. I thought ‘Sod the bedroom, let’s just carry on here’. So it was on with a condom, and we humped in mish on the edge of the sofa. It felt great watching my prick go in and out of her amazing black and pink gash and I nearly lost it a couple of times. Fucking a girl on her sofa reminded me of pulling after a night out; it felt dirty and horny!

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Midlands Escort Mia
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Date: Friday 23 January, 2004
Time Spent: 2 Hours.
Place: Outall.
Price: £250
Description: 21 year-old party girl, 5’6″, very long dark hair, mischievous blue eyes, voluptuous figure with a great backside and 34D tits.


Mia is a rude party girl. I was introduced to her by Holly of Bournemouth and she regularly appears at the Gentlemans Pleasures parties. I met up with her for some special one-on-one fun and she asked me to put her personal mobile contact in the Members area, as she’s keen to do more of this type of escorting. Two of Mia’s greatest assets are her tits and her arse. After chatting for a while about the party scene, she allowed me to start getting personal by touching up her breasts. Soon I was unzipping her little top to reveal those luscious young 34D boobs held within a black, silver-studded bra. Mia told me she also had matching knickers! And it wasn’t long before I got to see them too as I asked her to remove her white skirt so I could put my hand down her panties.

I fingered Mia’s pussy for a while then suggested she turn around so I could inspect her butt too. She obliged and told me she loved having her bottom stroked. The two of us enjoyed this for a bit until Mia had to stand up to take her thong off. As she sat back down I undressed too and started to go down on her shaven haven. She enjoyed the attention of my tongue and her cunt was soon lovely and wet. She turned around again so I could stroke her bum and play with her pussy at the same time. Soon I was pushing my finger inside her nice tight vagina. I asked if she would mind two fingers up her? No problem she said, so I added some lube and proceeded to finger-fuck her some more.

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