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Birmingham Escort Toyah
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Date: Thursday 5 May 2005
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Incall. Fun Place, Bearwood High Street, Birmingham
Price: £25 door fee + 120 in room = £145 total.
Description:Petite 19 year old with long highlighted dark hair, and slender girlish figure, very friendly and enthusiastic.


I first met Toyah when I was filming Shannon. She’s a delightful young thing and I was pleased when she agreed to let me film her. Unfortunately, she no longer works at Fun Place any more, but her performance shows the calibre of girls that can be found at this fine establishment.

I was shown up to the large front room at Fun Place by the maid and handed my door fee over. Toyah came in wearing a fetching pink babydoll with black embroidery and black lace-top hold ups. She greeted me with a friendly kiss and a hug and asked how I was doing. Then we sat and chatted for a short while. Rather than starting with a massage I suggested we began with a kiss and cuddle like a girlfriend experience (GFE). Toyah readily agreed as she prefers giving this type of service anyway. Before I knew what had hit me Toyah leaned across and started snogging me intensely making good use of her tongue. Wow! She straddled me, rubbing her young, lithe body up and down. I started caressing her, feeling her tight arse, then moving up to her small tits. Toyah undid her babydoll negligee so I could access them more easily and directed my tongue to her nipples. I sucked them and had the pleasure of seeing them instantly stand to attention, hard as bullets.

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Oriental Escort Aya of London
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Date: Saturday 11 June 2005
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £150.
Description:Vivacious, petite 21-year old Filipina girl. Long black hair, big dark eyes, small breasts, fit body, pierced tongue. Energetic with a good sense of humour.


Aya only came to the UK from the Philippines 3 years ago but her English is excellent. I saw her in my hotel, but she can take incalls as well, given enough notice. She is a friendly and lively girl with a cheerful manner, which makes her fun to be with. After sitting together on the sofa having a chat and a drink I asked Aya to give me a little dance to get things started, imagining I was in an Oriental girlie-bar. She willingly stood between my open legs and started to wriggle her lithe little figure in front of me. She was wearing black trousers and a black/silver cut-away top with “Sexy” printed on it. When she turned around to show me her neat little arse I could see her black thong riding out of her trousers.

The strip-show started in earnest when Aya pulled aside her tight top to reveal a small right breast with nice prominent dark nipple. She lent towards me and I licked it. Then she undid her trousers to reveal her g-string which had “tease” written across it. Too right! Next Aya pulled off her top over her head which allowed me to fondle both her tits. Continuing to wriggle her arse, Aya slowly pulled her trousers down a bit more and then started to undo my shirt. She sat on my lap to flick the heeled sandals off her feet, then wriggled her bottom over my cock giving me a raging hard-on. Standing up again she peeled off her trousers leaving her naked but for her black thong. Straddling me again we kissed, then Aya sank down to undo my trousers and undress me more. As soon as my cock was exposed she popped it into her mouth and slowly started giving me oral. Aya used her pierced tongue to good effect, licking the end of my cock and teasing around the head before starting to suck it. Her blow job is rather good as she maintains good eye contact whilst alternating between sucking and then licking, which gives a nice sensation. At one point she also gently massaged my balls as she was sucking me – lovely!

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Bi-Sexual Escort Brooke of London
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Date: Monday 22 August 2005
Time Spent: 2 Hours.
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £300.
Description:Friendly, sophisticated, bi-sexual escort 19-year old girl. Shoulder-length brunette hair, perfect pert breasts, tanned body. New to escorting.


Sometimes with punting it can be difficult to arrange a meeting with a particular escort – your plans change and you have to cancel, something happens in her life and she has to reschedule, etc. I had been trying to see Brooke for the past two months, and all our previous appointments had to be postponed due to various events beyond our control. She does have a full-time day job, thus is only escorting part-time in some evenings and weekends, which is one reason it can be hard to get a date with her. So as I set off for London on a Monday afternoon it was with some trepidation. Would things go wrong again this time? Was I going to be spending the night alone in my hotel room rather than indulging in the pleasures of the flesh with an attractive young companion? Luckily for me, everything went smoothly this time and Brooke arrived at my hotel room bang on time. Wow, was she worth the wait! Brooke is a lovely 19-year old, new to the business, but very keen to give clients a good time and very much into the girlfriend experience (GFE).

After chatting to Brooke on the sofa for a while, I suggested we move over to the bed. As we moved over, I was intrigued by Brooke’s kinky high sandals, which laced all the way up her calves. They were really sexy, and showed off her lovely tanned legs to good effect. Our session started off gradually with us sitting on the edge of the bed stroking and caressing each other. Soon we were softly kissing. I had been admiring Brooke’s lovely smooth boob cleavage peeking out of her sequined top and now I got a chance to feel it for myself while she fondled my crotch. Brooke undid my belt, pulled it from my trousers and threw it to the floor; then she undid my shirt. As that came off Brooke lent over and started paying attention to one of my nipples – kissing and licking it. I lay back and enjoyed the sensation letting her do her thing. She continued to kiss my upper body and feel my groin, where my cock was already well hard. We kissed some more before I sat back up and started paying attention to Brooke’s shapely tits. Her top came off over her head and I commented on how nice her bra was. Brooke said it had matching panties and stood up to take her skirt off as well. She did this slowly, wiggling her magnificent arse my way.

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Belfast Escort Sophie
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Date: Wednesday 3 August 2005
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £150.
Description:N Irish lass with straight blonde hair, blue eyes. Trim, petite and willing to please.


Sophie was recommended to me by a friend. She arrived at my hotel on time, dressed in a striking little blue number, which complemented her tanned body and lovely fair hair. We sat and chatted over a drink, discussing the escorting scene in Belfast. Sophie also indulged in a smoke after politely asking me first if I minded. Then she made the first move towards me, suggesting we stop talking. She took both my hands in hers, got up off her chair and then sensually snogged me. Wow! The fun continued as Sophie undid the belt on her shirtdress and slowly unpopped each button from the top down, to reveal a fit body with matching turquoise underwear and flesh-tone hold-ups. She dropped the dress behind her, leant forward and snogged me some more, as I sat still in my chair. While we kissed my hands wandered over her fit body.

Sophie helped me out of my shirt. I was still sitting down and she stood in front of me as we sucked faces again. She sure is a passionate kisser! Sophie undid my trousers, and then kissed and licked my nipples. With all this attention my cock was rapidly rising. Sophie unleashed it and started to gently massage it with both her hands. By this point she was kneeling in front of me – a sexy sight in itself! Sophie licked my balls and then all up the shaft of my member. When she reached the top she licked all around my knob, seeming to savour every taste. Her mouth slowly started to engulf it, and her head gently bobbed up and down as she started to give me full oral. I could have cum right there, but I concentrated on holding back. Sophie’s blow job technique is good and she knows how to please a man with a good combination of licking and sucking. After enjoying the pleasure of Sophie’s mouth for a while I suggested we move over to the bed.

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Escort Astrid of Crewe
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Date: Sunday 31 July 2005
Time Spent: 30 Mins.
Place: Parlour girl filmed in hotel
Price: £40 + £10 OWO + £20 facial = £60 total
Description:Cheerful young blue-eyed blonde, aged 22, nice slim figure, but several tattoos.


Nick B, who has posted several reports on PunterNet (Click here for example), contacted me and asked keenly if he could be filmed on a punt. He had some ideas of escorts in Crewe that would be willing to be filmed and we soon managed to arrange a session. So it was one weekend I found myself meeting up with Nick by the Earl of Crewe Pub on the Nantwich Road. First he took me on a guided tour of the Crewe Parlour scene. We drove around in his car as he pointed out each one.

Then we were ready to see Astrid, but in a local hotel because we could not arrange to shoot with her at the parlour where she actually works. Astrid arrived at the hotel dressed in jeans and a white vest top. Nick started off the session chatting to her about the Massage Parlour she works in. She told us the price was £40 for 30 minutes all inclusive, for which you get body-to-body massage plus oral with condom, reverse oral and sex with condom – just the basics as she put it. Some girls also “specialise” – i.e. offer extra services, and Astrid told us she does Anal (£25), OWO (£10), OWO to completion (£20), facials (£20) and reverse watersports (£10). On weekends the basic rate drops to £35 for 30 minutes. Astrid also talked about how she started working in a parlour, the two-girl service she offers and the fact she is genuinely bi.

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Watford Escort Madison
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Date: Sunday 18 September 2005
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Incall
Price: £110.
Description:Innocent looking 19 year old English Rose. Shoulder-length auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin and perfectly formed pert breasts.


I’d arranged to see Madison on my way back into London one Sunday afternoon. Her incall place is only 10 mins drive from M1 junction 5. I found it easily, and parked across the road, but it’s on a very busy one-way street, so apparently using the nearby railway station car park is the norm. Madison greeted me at the door in a little black number and showed me through to our room. On the way, I noticed there were two other ladies working out of this spacious house, each quite different to Madison. She offered me a drink, which I declined, we took care of the money and then she left me to get undressed. Madison re-appeared very quickly and put a fresh towel on the bed for me to lie on. She asked if I would like a video on, and I could see from a table against the window they had a vast selection on offer (in fact you can buy DVD’s from them), but I told Madison I preferred to look at her.

Madison took off her black dress to reveal a matching red set of bra and g-string with black fishnet holdups. Her skin is naturally white and I noticed she has no tattoos or piercings – quite unusual for a 19 year old these days. She told me she had worked for an escort agency before, but now enjoys being an independent. Madison offered me talc or oil for my massage and I selected the oil. She climbed up on the high bed and straddled me. On went the oil and she started giving me a very nice massage as we continued to chat. She told me most of her business is outcall, but she rents a room at this house for incall. It seemed the other escorts there specialised more in incall and advertised themselves via the local newspaper. Madison also told me that on a fri/sat she will often go into London to take late night and last minute bookings – obviously you would need to phone her for this service. She also runs a phone chat business. What a busy girl! She comes across as more level-headed and well-organised than most youngsters.

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London Escort Sacha
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Date: Sunday 24 July 2005
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £250.
Description:Hot Brazilian babe full of passionate Latino spirit. Striking looking, lovely petite body; smooth olive skin and gorgeous enhanced tits.


I first met Sacha at one of Natasha’s Parties which are fun events to attend, especially if you are new to the party scene. She really prefers meeting clients at the parties before seeing them for a private 1-on-1 booking. When Sacha arrived at my room the first thing I couldn’t help noticing was the kinky long black boots she was wearing, tight fitting and spike-heeled. Phwoar! As I offered to take her denim jacket, she removed it to reveal a very sexy little backless dress that barely contained her wonderful tits. Topping this off were a nice silver choker and long earrings which really twinkled against her brown skin – Wow did she look hot! A perfect combination of style and sex-appeal with a friendly pretty face smiling at me too.

We sat together on the sofa to share a drink and a chat. I had assumed most Latino girls had dark brown eyes but Sacha’s were a hypnotising green. While discussing her home country of Brazil Sacha offered to show me how you do the Samba so she got up and danced in front of me expertly wriggling her jiggly hips cleverly for an all too brief moment – revealing a glimpse of her left breast to me during the process. I also asked Sacha to say a little something in her native Portuguese. She thought about it for a moment, moved very close to me, stroked me gently and spoke very sexily in her foreign voice. After her helpful translation she added, “…so maybe we should just go and start to have fun”. Sounded like a good idea to me. Standing up she said “Come” in Portuguese and led me over to the bed.

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Bury, Manchester Escort Melinda
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Date: Thursday 29 September 2005
Time Spent: 30 Mins.
Place: The Wonder Lounge, Bury Massage Parlour
Price: £50 + £20 for extras.
Description:Friendly curvy mature lady with 36FF natural tits.


The Wonder Lounge is a new parlour which has recently opened in Bury. Their website notes: “…you’ll be simply amazed at the time & thought which has gone into making these purpose-built premises just perfect…” Nick had an appointment with Melinda. She greeted him at the door of the house wearing sexy white platform shoes and a shaped white satin body with a fine shawl tied around her hips. He paid his fee, she led him through to the massage room and left him to use the ensuite shower.

When Melinda returned she offered Nick a choice of oil, talc or lotion for his massage. He opted for oil, so Melinda removed her shawl, straddled him on the bed and poured oil on his back starting the massage. After some small talk she asked “What do you like to do?” They discussed certain services, then Melinda recited the price list. This included OWO (£10), OWO to completion (£20), Anal (£40) and a two-girl lesbian show (£15 each girl). Also mentioned was a “special promotional offer” of another girl being in the room for £10 for 10 minutes. Nick asked if this was just to watch and Melinda said no you can touch and feel her as well, but obviously not have sex with her. Nick chose rimming and OWO to add to his basic service. Melinda soon turned things up a notch, kissing Nick and rubbing her tits over his back. She asked him to turn over and at the same time gave him an eyeful by stripping off her white satin body so she just had her kinky white high heels left on. As she got back on the bed she told Nick she would start at the bottom and work her way up. This meant the first attention was on his balls which Melinda gently licked then sucked. She moved up to his dick, and before continuing just checked that Nick did indeed want OWO. Once confirmed she took the whole of his cock straight into her mouth and sucked hard. She continued the blow job and then broke off to kiss Nick’s upper body, paying particular attention to his nipples. Finally she reached his face and gave him a big snog. Then it was back down for some more oral. On coming up for air Melinda asked Nick if he wanted to play with her tits. He didn’t need asking twice and immediately set to work licking and suckling her nipples. He asked Melinda if she could lick her own tits and she proceeded to show him that indeed she could!

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London Escort Nancy
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Date: Thursday 20 October 2005
Time Spent: 1 Hour.
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £200
Description:Sociable mid-20’s Polish lady, with streaked blonde hair, tanned body, pretty face.


I first met Nancy at one of Steve2’s Club Fantasy Parties held regularly in London. It was actually the first time she had appeared at one of Steve’s parties and she proved to be quite a hit having constant attention from the guys present. The party was good fun, but I was craving some private time with this new girl, so I arranged to see her for a 1-on-1 a few days later.

Nancy arrived on time at my hotel wearing black boots with a short skirt, lacy blouse and a smart black leather coat over the top. I took her coat and offered her a drink. As a true Pole, Vodka is Nancy’s favourite tipple so I poured her a generous measure with coke while we sat and talked about the party scene. It turns out she had attended other parties before, such as Velvet Pussies and Gentleman’s Pleasures, but currently she is just working with Club Fantasy. Nancy described her experiences of Steve’s parties so far and mentioned that at one event a swinging couple turned up – a nice feature.

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Crewe Escort Tegan
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Date: Thursday 8 December 2005
Time Spent: 30 Mins.
Place: Alicia’s Massage & Sauna, Edleston Road, Crewe
Price: £40 + £20 for extras = £60
Description:Slim 19-year old, short black hair with blonde fringe, blue eyes, small tits, smooth skin, tattoos.


I was passing by Crewe on the M6 and decided to stop for a parlour punt. Went into the Penthouse first, but one of the ladies was busy and I didn’t fancy the other. Alicia’s is only a few doors down so I stopped in there to see what was on offer. The maid let me in to the small reception room and pointed to photos on the wall as she named the 3 girls working that day – Ashley, Jas and Tegan. I asked the girls’ ages and decided to select Tegan. The maid took my £40, which is the inclusive price for half an hour, then led me through the lounge and up the stairs. On the way she asked if I’d like a shower, collecting a fresh towel on the main landing before showing me into the front bedroom, where there was a nice four-poster bed. I undressed, took a quick shower and returned to the room with my towel still wrapped around me.

Tegan entered to greet me dressed in a red pvc bikini with long black thigh boots. Oh no, I thought, I’ve picked the wrong woman, she’s going to be one of those aggressive doms who’ll try and humiliate me. But she walked up to me, introduced herself, gave me a nice little kiss and said “Would you like to take your towel off and lie on the bed”. Phew…I had made a good choice after all. I was offered oil or talc for my massage, and chose oil. Tegan went over to the lotions and potions on the table in the corner, poured some oil over hands, rubbing it in as she came over to the bed, knelt beside me and started gently massaging my back. She straddled me and sat on my bottom as she continued with the massage. We chatted while she rubbed away and I discovered Tegan works Wednesdays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays, and Alicia’s opens from 11am – 8:30pm. It wasn’t long before Tegan asked me “Do you usually have extras?” When I replied yes she told me sex and covered oral were included with the £40 I had already paid the maid, as were reverse oral and kissing. The extras were OWO £10, OWO to completion £20, A Levels £40. I opted for oral without to completion and requested we also try anal, if she could manage it with me. Tegan got off me and asked me to turn over as she knelt on the bed beside me. She undid and removed her red bra to reveal a pair of petite, but nicely formed titties. She grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. Immediately I felt her pierced tongue – nice. Her OWO was quite slow and gentle at first and she would often pause to flick her tongue across the end of my cock which was soon hard with all the attention. But soon she was giving short powerful bursts of sucking which really felt oh so good. The variety of her technique was what made it such a good Blow Job. At times she would also lick along the shaft using her piercing to good effect. I told her I liked it hard on the end and she duly obliged.

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